5 lessons I should have learned by now, but have some how managed not to. 

Lesson 1:  No matter how ‘right’ you believe you are, and how many people approve the content, do not, under any circumstance, send an e-mail when you are angry.  You will be just as right in a few hours and once you calm down, you may even see that the other person might just have a point.

Lesson 2: After you have hit send on your nasty gram, do not head to the nearest kitchen to start eating whatever will crunch under your teeth.  This will not make you feel better and will probably give you a tummy ache.

Lesson 3: Do not buy clothes on line from any company you are not 100% sure of the fit for. You think that you will return them but they will sit in your car in their little plastic envelope for weeks and when you finally get to the post office you will calculate how much you have spent on shipping and be annoyed. 

Lesson 4:  Do not leave the house with out looking at the front and the back of an outfit to make sure your bra straps are in no way visible.  This will result in you making a frantic phone call to your assistant at 8:00 in the morning informing her that you had an important meeting you forgot about while you scour the racks to find a replacement undergarment or shirt.  Neither will fit right or look good.

Lesson 5:  Do not expect the people around you to change.  They never will and you will always be disappointed.

PS:  All of these lessons have been reinforeced today; before lunch.  I think I deserve a nap.