I believe…

February 12, 2009

A few weeks ago  F.B. over at The Change I Wish to See gave me an Honest Scrap Award and like a total flake I have neglected to pass it on.  I am supposed to tell you 10 honest things about me and the pass it along to 10 other bloggers.  I will stick with the ten things about me (consider it 2 lists of 5) and pick five other bloggers who I think have written about some really honest stuff. 

-I believe in second chances, Lord knows I have needed enough of them.

-I believe that there is a difference between yams and sweet potatoes and I believe I can tell the difference.

-I believe in public radio.

-I believe that coffee should be consumed hot, strong and black.

-I believe that when it comes to family, I hit the in-law jack pot.

-I believe that the people you spend time with say a lot about who you are.  For this reason I avoid; hypocrites, homophobes, racists, bigots, antisemites and anyone who feels they need to put others down to make themselves feel or sound better.  It is not that I don’t believe some of these people can be nice or interesting, I just don’t ever want to pick those traits up.

-I believe apologies should only be issued if they are sincere.

-I believe in dictionaries.  I have a 1972 Websters open on my desk every day and keep a pocket one in my purse.

-I believe that gays and lesbians should have 100% equality when it comes to marriage.  Not because I am on some sort of gay crusade (although I think if a crusade like this came up, Joan of Arc would be all over it) but because I believe when our forefathers painstaking crafted our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that followed it they took the time to specify the separation of church and state.  I believe they meant it.

-I believe that the best way to read the Sunday Times is in bed with a cup of coffee or a bloody mary.

If you want to read some other honest stuff check out these bloggers

Bethis– Beth’s accounts of daily life, friendship and relationships are not only hilarious they are spot on.  She is also one of the few people I know willing to post a picture of herself wearing leopard, pleather and boots all at the same time.

La Petite Belle– Carmen has some of the most sincere accounts of marriage and motherhood I have read. She is willing to share the good, the bad and the very funny.

These Little Moments – My dear friend Molly has been bold enough to talk to her readers about the ups and downs of recent unemployment.

Restaurant Refugee– Refugee recently posted about the challenges of remaining anonymous on a blog people love to talk about.

I Got Nothing – Mikes posts about the loss of his brother and his father are loving tributes to their life and the people they have left behind.


H & R and other things

February 2, 2009

F.B. recently did this at one of my favorite blogs The Change I Wish to See.  When I asked if we could change the format slightly (to suit my borderline obsession with listing things in 5’s) he happily complied.  If you want to participate leave a comment at the end of this post and I will assign you a letter (or two) and you will list ten things (or five in my case) that you love that begin with the assigned letter.  F.B. gave me H and R so…here goes.

Hi-C-  I love it.  I know that nothing in it even resembles food and one day when I kick the bucket the inside of my stomach will be stained that horrible orange color, but I can’t get enough of it.  It is the one thing that will get me to to stop (and make a purchase) at a Mc Donald’s because the only thing better than regular Hi-C is ice cold fountain Hi-C.

Hair- Well, facial hair.  On men.  Anyone who has met or seen pictures of D probably already knows this about me but I love facial hair.  I am not sure if it is the economy or the resurgence of all things 1970’s but the other night at a bar I noticed a lot more guys running around with well trimmed beards.  I am all over this.  I am also a big fan of chest hair but I think I will leave it at that.

Holmes, Santonio – Like any member of (what they seem to be calling) Steelers Nation the last few minutes of last nights game were killer.  And I don’t know about the people you were with but when Holmes first made that catch not a person in the room thought his feet were in.  He knew they were in, the ref saw that they were in and thanks to the wonders of replays from EVERY ANGLE we all got to see that they were in, but it was an amazing few seconds.  I don’t know if it was a good as last years helmet catch, but it was pretty great. 

Super Bowl XLIII Football

Having drinks with Blog friends-  Friday night I finally met up with the lovely Beth from bethis and let me tell you; she is twice as hilarious in real life as she is on her blog.  We chatted like old friends and proved the idea that no good comes from drinking before 4:00.   Actually, no good comes from drinking before 4:00 when you don’t move from your bar stools for 3 hours and your direct report from work shows up and sits right next to you.   My plan: to avoid him like the plague for the next 5 days. 

Historic Preservation- in addition to all the other causes I support, the idea of historic preservation is pretty near and dear to my heart.  I know that we all want big bathrooms and central air and I fully support the ADA.  However, you can read about history and hear about important places and people but nothing can come close to walking through the halls of Mt Vernon or along the gardens of Monticello

Rusted Root– ok, I know they are not the best band ever and their song writing does not necessarily knock your socks off but nothing takes me back to high school like the introduction to Drum Trip and the night I spent at SUNY Albany listening to them in 1993  may remain as one of my favorites.

Robbins, Tom– Aside from David Sedaris, one of the all time funniest authors ever.  When I am having a bad day or I just want to scream, I picture a large metal turkey zooming down the highway at 60mph and laugh out loud. 


Running-  Contrary to some of the things I may have written, I really do love it.  Nothing feels better than a long run at the end of an even longer day and for the most part, it is totally peaceful.

Rain- Soft misty rain, rhythmic pitter-patter rain, drenching swollen drops, angry sideways rain, circular hurricane rain…I love it all.  I think this love may have been the one thing that made the six solid weeks of rain I experienced when I was living in London bearable.  

Reading- books, magazines, the NY Times and… all of your blogs.


January 20, 2009

I know these interviews have been popping up on various blogs.  Since the format asks five questions and my dear friend Carmen was kind enough to send me five good ones, I thought I would give it a try.  Here are the rules if you want to participate.

1. If you want to participate, leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Here goes:

1) What made you start a blog?

I worked with a number of people who were all writing really neat blogs.  Every once in a while when my friend Mike and I were together and I was going on and on about something he would say “Dude”  (because that is the very mature way we talk to each other) “You have GOT to start a blog”.  I am a huge list maker so the idea of writing in strictly a list format seemed appealing and I gave it a shot.  I think I might do it for a year or so and then maybe move on to something else.  I’m not sure.

2) If you were in a deserted island and could only bring one person with you, who would that be? (you can pick someone you do or do not know)

Wait.   How do I know the person I would be pick would want to spend their life on a deserted island with me?  Can you imagine?  One minute you are going about your daily life and then BAM you are zapped to a deserted island because someone picks you as their ONE person on a blog interview.  That’s a bad day…

3) If you were only allowed to read ONE more book before you died, which book would you pick?

Tough one.   I would probably pick “From the Mixed up Files of Mr. Basil E Frankweiler”  It is s children’s book about a brother and sister who run away from home and live at the metropolitan museum of art.  It is the first book I remember reading and being completely taken with the story and the characters.  Not only did it start my love affair with the written word, I truly believe it is the reason I pursued the museum field as a profession.

4) If you could go back in time and re-do something in your life, what would that be?

Unfortunately, this is an easy one.  In the winter of 2004 a good family friend was killed in Iraq. I had just been given my first major promotion at a new job and the week of the funeral I had a series of meetings scheduled with my Vice President and some board members and I did not go.  I told myself that the funeral would be packed, the family would not even know I was there and I did not need a religious service to pay my respects.  The truth was, I choose work over doing the right thing and being with the people I love.  I have never forgiven myself for making that cowardly decision and every time I see his brother my heart aches for knowing that I was not there on a  day he needed the people he loved the most.  It  was a heard lesson but I know I will never, ever, make the same mistake again.

5) What would you tell your 10 year old self if you saw her sitting in front of you right now?

That it will get better.  That some days it will feel like it has gotten so much worse but, through the heartache and the heart break and the worry it will get so much better.  Oh yeah and to STOP grinding your teeth, because some day you will be paying for your own dental work and new teeth are not cheap.

Tag, I’m it.

August 27, 2008

Last week my bloggy friend Le Petite Belle tagged me with this meme.  It is not a list of five… but it seems fun so here goes. 

A. Attached or Single? Attached

B. Best Friend?  Of course.

C. Cake or pie? Cake.  Big fluffy cake with lots of frosting.

D. Day of choice? Thursdays.

E. Essential item? lip balm

F. Favorite color? corn flower blue

G. Gummy bears or worms? Bears, but they have to be Haribo

H. Hometown? New York, which I realize is a state and not a town.

I. Favorite indulgence? Really nice wine and a pedicure every other Thursday.

J. January or July? Hmm, tough choice.  Probably July. 

K. Kids? None that I know of.

L. Life isn’t complete without? Fresh air.

M. Marriage date? October 7th.

N. Number of brothers and sisters? 1 brother.

O. Oranges or Apples? Gala apples, they are the best.

P. Phobias? Bug infestations, fires, not being able to get enough oxygen. 

Q. Quotes?“I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I do not believe I deserved my friends”

R. Reasons to smile? The sun is out, the air is clear and I am surrounded by people who love me in spite of my many flaws.

S. Season of choice? Fall.

T. Tag 5 people: Elizabeth, MikeHallie, Jeanie, and anyone else who wants to give it a shot.  

U. Unknown fact about me? I am a published author; in the second grade my haiku was chosen to be in the local paper.  I don’t remember much but I know the last line was “I touch the wet green grass”  apparently that is skilled writing for a 2nd grader. 

V. Vegetable? All!  I love veggies.

W. Worst habit? Going to sleep when I am upset or angry rather than dealing with the problem.  Oh yeah, and I might drink too much. 

X. X-ray or Ultrasound? This is a really random question.  X-ray’s I guess? 

Y. Your favorite food? I really like any kind of ethnic food; Indian, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Greek.  I once had Nepalese food which was excellent. 

Z. Zodiac sign? Capricorn.

Picture Tag

June 28, 2008

I have been tagged by my friend Elizabeth. The rules (according to her) are quite simple. Put your answer to each question in google images and pick a picture from the first page of the results. I have chosen my five favorite answers, but for the full, very cool, version, check this out.

1) A place you would like to visit: Thailand

2) Your favorite color: Cornflower Blue

3) Where you were born: Port Jefferson

4) College Major: History

5) Your screen name: If I had to pick five ( I LOVE this image)

Anyone can consider them self tagged (for either the full version or the If I had to Pick Five abbreviated one) but especially La Petite Belle and Hallie.

Tag…I’m it.

June 15, 2008

I have been tagged by Le Petite Belle. This is exciting for two reasons. One,it is my first tag and despite my serious lack of computer skills and lingo know how, I think i figured out that I am supposed to answer the same questions she did. And two, I love anything that comes in fives. Ok, here goes.

1. Did you get an allowance as a kid and if so how much was it?

I did, my brother and I each got $1 which we promptly spent by walking up to the corner store and buying a paper bag full of penny candy. It was the best.

2. How old were you when you had your first job, and what was it?

I was 16 and worked as a lifeguard at a water park. It was horrible. My ‘uniform’ was a stars and stripes spedo with two very unfortunately placed stars over the bust. I spent the entire summer alternating between trying to figure out how to look most cool in the offensive get-up and blowing my whistle to shout, “don’t do that”.

3. Which do you do better: save money or spend money?


4. Are people more likely to borrow money from you, or are you more likely to borrow from them?

Aside from spotting a friend cash in a pinch, I have not loaned a lot of money and I have never borrowed from anyone other than my parents and the federal government. I am paying both back slowly.

5. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

Sensible purchase- my car.

Ridiculous purchase- an Oscar Delarenta cranberry halter top one piece bathing suit. It was purchased at Sax almost 10 years ago in a moment of weakness and has never touched salt water or chlorine or seen the sun. I take it out once a summer and try it on so it feels loved. It’s spectacular.