When simple is very good

August 4, 2009

Five of my favorite simple summer pleasures

1- Making and enjoying a simple salad comprised entirely of things from your very own garden*

2- Drifting off to sleep to the sound of crashing waves, laughing children and the sand moving underneath your improvised pillow

3- An early morning run when a soft breeze blows and smells faintly of honeysuckle

4- Taking a solitary Sunday walk to an ice cream shop and deciding the abundance of calcium makes your double cone an appropriate if not sensible choice for lunch

5- Plunging yourself into the Atlantic and feeling the nerve endings on your skin jump to attention as your body slowly cools and drifts with the sea

What are your simple summer pleasures?

*My tomatoes are finally in and boy were they worth the wait!  Everything else in my garden has been growing like crazy from all of this rain.


9 Responses to “When simple is very good”

  1. Matt Says:

    Going golfing by myself. Seriously my favorite thing to do.

  2. Liebchen Says:

    I don’t really get to do it now, but I love driving with the windows down and sunroof open. Or walking along any body of water.

  3. LiLu Says:

    Cold beer + hot sun = there is nothing better. At all. EVER.

  4. adorablybitter Says:

    Spending evenings chatting with my friends on my balcony.

  5. sitting on the beach after work, no one left on the beach, watching the boys play in the water.

  6. Anna Says:

    Sounds heavenly. And calcium is always important, of course. Glad to see you are taking good care!

  7. Mike Says:

    So will you have me back?

  8. simple summer pleasures:

    1) ice cream
    2) lakeshore walks
    3) tanning
    4) going to the dog beach
    5) it not being -40 degrees (stupid chicago winters…)

  9. Jennie Says:

    I miss you and your blog!!!

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