March 9, 2009

My weekend, by the numbers…well, by five of the numbers. 

5- the number of states I drove through in under 48 hours

4- the hours I spent at a bridal shower on Long Island*

6- the number of pages in the Bridal Shower Activity Booklet**

42-the number of minutes I waited why a NY State trooper proceeded to write me a ticket

457- the number of words in the formal letter of complaint I wrote in regards to the aggressive, nasty and inappropriate behavior of said trooper.

I never thought I would say this, but I am really happy to be back in the safety of my office with my Gumby mug and harpoons. 

*anyone who has been to a bridal shower on LI knows that they are of an entirely different category than normal tasteful bridal showers. 

**I have a picture of said booklet, but since it includes a photo of the bride and groom I thought it would be rude to post on the Internet.  See, I can be nice(ish).


9 Responses to “T.G.I….M?”

  1. Matt Says:

    What’s his badge number? I’ll write a complaint too.

    You rule!

  2. f.B Says:

    42 minutes? The whole point of just writing a ticket is that it’s not supposed to take as long as sending someone to jail. Bastard.

    Yup, 42. I have had dental visits happen in less time.

  3. JoLee Says:

    I would rather eat a bowl of crushed glass washed down with a cup of bleach then ever go to another Long Island Bridal Shower again.

    Spoken like someone who as been to a LI Bridal Shower. I would take the glass and bleach in a heartbeat.

  4. Liebchen Says:

    There was an activity booklet? And you didn’t run the other way? You must be a fantastic friend.

    Oh I ran…it just took me 4 hours to get up the courage. When I left the shower was STILL NOT OVER.

  5. Beth Says:

    Oh. My. God. How did we talk for a half an hour last night and you told me none of this? See, I told you I talk about myself way way too much.

    And that Bridal Shower Booklet? Please bring that on Thursday. I must must see it.

    I am thinking an activity booklet may be in order for Thursday night…

  6. Erin Says:

    4 hour bridal shower??


    And I left before it was over…

  7. LiLu Says:

    Ohhh… bad news… I stole your Gumby mug.

    I knew it was you! Am I going to get a ransome note?

  8. apollocreed Says:

    Bridal activity booklet? Oh man, I feel so bad for you.

  9. Matt Says:

    Mayhaps you should start carrying a harpoon with you for the next time you have to deal with assbag state troopers (or activity booklets.)

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