I would never harpoon Gumby

March 5, 2009

After describing where I work to a blogger friend the other day, she mentioned that she had trouble picturing it.  So, with the help of my lovely iphone, here are some snap shots of my office and some of the things in it.


My* Gumby mug.  This was taken in between my first and second cup of coffee.


On of my book cases.  I have not read all the books in this case but I have read enough of them to answer questions, make suggestions and carry on a general conversation about them.  We call this ‘skimming’.  It is not smart.


Two of my harpoons.  Ok, they are not actually my harpoons but they belong to my teaching collection.  I have never once used them to impale anyone…although I may have thought about it.  Actually, death by harpoon would make a great episode of Law & Order.


My magazine cut out of all the presidents being held up my one of the worst magnets I have ever laid eyes on.  I have no idea how it showed up on my file cabinet but I did not purchase it on my trip to Alaska.  Honest.


The morning sun coming up over the harbor as viewed from my office.  It could be way worse than this.

* technically, the Gumby mug belongs to D.  But, D does not drink coffee and leaving a mug like that in our cabinets is just a waste.


15 Responses to “I would never harpoon Gumby”

  1. I think I could make good use of that harpoon right about now….

    oh, I was SO there yesterday….

  2. Liebchen Says:

    You have harpoons in your teaching collection? Um…what exactly do you teach?

    Pretty cool huh?

  3. Matt Says:

    I would go out onto the harbor and harpoon as much shit as I could.

    How do you think I get my lunch?

  4. apollocreed Says:

    Explain the need to have a poster of all the presidents please.

    Doesn’t everyone have a cut out of all the presidents at work? Do you keep your presidents poster at home?

  5. f.B Says:

    Death by harpoon *would* make a great episode of Law & Order. Though not Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I never got how that show started….

    producer1: we could *start* by showing them who did the crime and how and why, at the very beginning.

    producer2: and then we could spend the next 50 minutes wasting their time with impossible observations that don’t matter because they already know the ending! i mean, the beginning.

    I am with you 100%, Criminal Intent is the only L&O I don’t watch…and I love L&O.

  6. Lexi Says:

    I really think I need a Gumby mug. I’m totally jealous

    I was jealous too, until I stole the mug from D.

  7. justjp Says:

    The book shelf looks like my office!
    Have you read your books?

  8. Erin Says:

    The BEST post title ever.

    I must come visit you.
    Yes! Please come visit.

  9. JoLee Says:

    Can I come to work with you? I’ll hide in the corner and be really really quiet. All I get to see is the lovely three brown half walls of my cubicle. Behind me I have a LOUD Korean translator, in front of me I have this LOUD, obnoxious nasty girl, to the left of me I have this LOUD snobby attorney and to the right of me I have a wall of filing cabinets. Woe is me.

    That does not sound like any fun at all. Gumby and I would be happy to share the office.

  10. love it! I’m glad you posted pics. You should post more.
    Ill see what I can can do.

  11. I am jealous! You have two toggle head harpoons! I only have a mini size double flumed harpoon and a killing lance hanging on my door!!!

    Did you know I was the one who broke the toggle head at work? oops! I hate it when it hits the rocks! It is still broken in the shipsmiths!

    You can come play with my toggle head harpoons any day!

    I love the pictures!!

  12. Beth Says:

    oh ohhhh that harpoon could never have been in my office. i would definitely use it at some point on some unsuspecting corporate idiot.

    also… the view? ah-mazing.

    Some days it is very tempting…

  13. apollocreed Says:

    I keep them in the bedroom. Lincoln is sexy…

    Lincoln was tall…and I do like tall. But, James Monroe was the real looker of the group. Hottie!

  14. LiLu Says:

    Leaving a mug like that in the cabinet would be a TRAGEDY. Also, don’t look behind you because I am stealing it right now.

    If I am ever able to locate a second one, I will send it your way.

  15. […] 11, 2009 After I posted some picture of my office last week, I had some questions about what the heck it is that I do.  I work at a museum and for […]

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