But when you put them together, it sounds so nice.

March 3, 2009

Yesterday when my phone started ringing at 6:30, I woke up to my boss saying five of my favorite words “we have a snow day” and promptly went back to sleep.  It got me thinking about some of my other favorite five word phrases and in the tradition of ‘If I had to pick five’, here are five of them.

1) Said at a bar “This round is on me”

2) Said at my favorite retail store “That has been marked down”

3) Said by a police officer “This time, it’s a warning”

4) Said by the dentist “Congratulations, you have no cavities”

5) Said by just about anyone “Looks like you’ve lost weight”

What other good ones am I missing….


13 Responses to “But when you put them together, it sounds so nice.”

  1. Matt Says:

    said by a hot chick… “Take off all your clothes”


    at a restuarant…

    We have creme brulee tonight

  3. Liebchen Says:

    These are perfect! #4 and #5, especially – amen.

  4. f.B Says:

    I love #1. I’ll add: “When I fall in love” sang by Nat King Cole.

  5. apollocreed Says:

    Said by your girlfriend:

    Let’s experiment with a woman.

  6. Erin Says:

    Said by boss:

    You are getting a raise.

  7. LiLu Says:

    Said by your bartender: “That one’s on me.”

    It was always my favorite thing to say 😉

  8. JoLee Says:

    Said by your GYN- “The pregnancy test is negative.”

  9. hahahaha i love Mattie’s. My favorite five are “honey, you can but it” hahaha

  10. Mike Says:

    said by me to you:

    want a special moaf hug?

  11. But you don’t look 40…..

  12. Beth Says:

    AHHH GREAT POST… here are some of mine:

    From roommate: Hey, you have a package. (wink wink wink!)
    From a customer at a table: We’re not in a rush.
    From a friend: I’m coming to your birthday party!
    From a sexy guy: You’re awesome, hot, and funny.

  13. Molly Says:

    Said by my husband: “Yes dear, I think you really should buy those Christian Louboutins.”

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