Has it really been 6 years?

February 20, 2009

It occurred to me this morning that today is the 6 year anniversary of the Station Nightclub fire.  In 2003 C and were living in a townhouse apx 5 minutes from where the Station Nightclub used to be.  I remember hearing the sirens and watching the rescue vehicles fly down the sightly busy road we lived off of.  I remember turning on the TV to see what had happened and I remember the horrific images.  Since then….

-I never go in to a bar, a night club or theatre with out taking note of the nearest fire exit.  I don’t know that it would have mattered for many of those people, but I can’t help it.

-The world of fire safety and prevention in public areas has changed.  Every time you have an event and find out you can not have open flames or your hurricane glass must be so may inches taller than your votive, it is one of the may restults of what happened in Rhode Island in 2003.

-The courts are STILL trying to figure out how to compensate victims and their families for the horrific damage fire does to the human body.  

-The state and the people who remember the incident are still raw with emotion.  This was made clear to me a few months ago when Desperate Housewives was showing an episode that included scenes for a fire.  I don’t watch Desperate Housewives, but for hours before the program aired a yellow warning bands scrolled across the TV letting viewers know that the images in that evenings program may be difficult for some to watch and that they may be similar to what happened at The Station Nightclub. 

-The airing of the Doc’s last radio broadcast still sends chills down my spine.


9 Responses to “Has it really been 6 years?”

  1. apollocreed Says:

    Wow – I had no idea you lived right near there once. I remember that too, it was really sad.

  2. Jolee Says:

    Such a tragic, sad, horrible thing to happen.

  3. Erin Says:

    I remember hearing about this in LA. So horrific.

  4. Beth Says:

    I still remember it too, even though i was living in NY at the time. So sad.

  5. I don’t recall that event because I’m not from here, but it sounds awful. What a horrific thing to happen 😦

  6. LiLu Says:

    Wow, I’d forgotten about that… it was so scary. I can’t believe you were so close! It’s good to be reminded of stuff like this… I’m no clubber, but it wouldn’t hurt me to be aware of my exits in public spaces, no? Especially DRUNK public spaces.

  7. f.B Says:

    Everything is just so fragile. I’d imagine every person lost that night left home for the bar excited, thinking about tomorrow.

  8. Mike Says:

    i love that you wrote about this. i was on the radio the morning after…actually had tickets to the show, not sure if you ever knew that.

    i finally went to the site about a year after. i just had to. couldn’t believe the size.

    i continue to be incredibly touched by this. reading about the survivors. and i do watch housewives…and actually questioned that episode.

  9. It is such a tragedy and so horrific….

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