Humble Pie

January 24, 2009

-I am humbled by the gift of friendship; by the easy laughter,  smooth conversation and sensation of being completely accepted.  I am humbled by a gift from a dear friend who gave me something so thoughtful and so generous, so kind and so clearly evident of the depth in which she knows me.

-I am humbled by manual labor.  I am humbled by the people who do this work day in and day out in the snow and the wind and the cold without the luxury of five days at a desk to rest their sore backs and heal their wounded hands.

-I am humbled by a friend who choose to bring a child into this world and now waits patiently and lovingly for the infant to arrive.  I am as humbled by her certainty as I am by her calm and I am humbled by the mother I know she will be.

-I am humbled by the man who stood in front of me in line at a market last week and waited with his head high for a manger to re-try a benefits card that would not work. I am humbled by the sack of milk, bread and cheese he was determined to bring home to his family and  I am humbled by my inability to find the best way to help him while I waited and did nothing.

-I am humbled by my husband whose reservoirs of hard work and patience show no visible end.  I am humbled by his enthusiasm to wake up and work the 6th and 7th day of the week and I am humbled by the absence of one word of complaint.

What humbles you?


11 Responses to “Humble Pie”

  1. Sara, I know I have said this before but you are truly an amazing writer. And an amazing friend. I seriously think you chose a wrong career path, because you are robbing millions of people from the best therapist ever.

    Ok, now to answer your question…

    I am humbled by those who are patient with me, even when I am not patient with them.

    I am also humbled by my husband, who like yours, works his butt off for our family and never complains. Sure, he complains about other things, but now that I am working I have such an appreciation for people that work. It’s not easy, and it takes strength and discipline to get up and go to work every day, especially the days that you want to stay in bed and do nothing.

  2. Erin Says:

    First off, I agree with Carmen. You have an innate ability to see through to the soul of a person, accept that person for who they are and help inspire and cultivate that person to become who he/she wants to be.

    Now…I am humbled by so many of my dear friends who are single mothers and fathers, who with grace and strength, make any personal sacrifice needed to give their child more than enough. Some days I can barely take care of myself, and then I think of these amazing people that make it work so seamlessly for the little eyes that look up to them, and I am truly humbled.

  3. I am humbled by the hit we took in the stock market – we lost our retirement yet we’ve never been closer – it shows me that true love perseveres….

  4. Matt Says:

    I am humbled by the amount of alcohol I saw Juan (hes a bum who regulars at the bar I go to) drink last weekend.

    It was amazing.

  5. f.B Says:

    I’m humbled by those who always give in to their imaginations, even when common sense so forbids.

  6. D Says:

    I was humbled by the movie “Slumdog Millionare”. Also, I do complain (last night i complained about my back and because of that, i really appreciate sitting down in my overpriced office chair as i work!)

  7. apollocreed Says:

    Teachers. Especially high school teachers.

  8. Mike Says:

    I am humbled by two children every day…as I try to give them what they deserve, what they need and what they crave.

  9. Gina Says:

    My first comment and I will even make it a 5…

    I am humbled by those that can truly forgive others who have hurt them so deeply.

    I am humbled by innocent children that love so fully, forgive so truly and see the world through innocent eyes that I wish we all had.

    I am humbled by the continuous love and support of those people I have been blessed to enjoy life with, and who truly accept me for who I am.

    I am humbled by those who use their hands to create beautiful things in this world, to me their talent is amazing.

    I am humbled by the honesty and depth of your blog, and am glad you are allowing your readers to see how special you are.

  10. Beth Says:

    I am humbled by all the people losing their jobs right now and having to go home to their families and figure out how to survive together.

    The man at the grocery store made me misty. This is an awesome post.

  11. Rachel Says:

    I am always humbled by people who not only work hard, but work outdoors, especially since around here, we get about 3 days of comfortable weather per year.

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