January 13, 2009

As aforementioned, I have been in the market for an iPhone.  After thinking it over and hearing nothing but great things from iPhone owners I finally got one.  Here are five of my observations so far.

1) Being an iPhone owner is a little like owning a Jeep Wrangler or having a sports car with roof racks.  It puts you in a  little club.  You see other iPhone owners and you instantly know you have something to talk about.  You share secrets, advice and  info on the best apps to down load.  I have an uncle that I have probably said…literally 10 words to in the last 6 months.  Last night, he heard I got an iPhone.  The conversation went something like this:

me: oh, hi Uncle G

U.G.: M said you got the iPhone. You are going to love it.

me: oh, um, yeah.  I am still trying to figure it out a bit.

U.G.: Turn off the Fetch New Data.  Did you turn that off.  It is a battery killer.  And make sure the Brightness is set at auto.  Is it set at auto?  Those are the biggest battery killers.  And make sure you have the blue tooth off unless you have a blue tooth on.  Do you understand?  Now go to your apps.  No, don’t browse, it takes forever.  Go to search.  Get Urban Spoon and the Weather Channel.  You have to have them.  Don’t get anything about traffic, the map function has traffic.  No, you don’t need to down load the map function it is on the phone.  Go back.  Now…

This went on for literally 20 min.  I don’t think I have spoken to this man for 20 min…in my life. 

2) When you get your iPhone the magic iPhone people transfer all of your all of your old phone numbers to the new phone.  This means, you are going to have a lot of numbers you have not used in ages; ex friends, ex boyfriends, friends ex friends and ex boyfriends.  When you go to delete these numbers from your contacts list it is VERY easy to accidently call these people so BE WARNED.  No one warned me and I will let it be known that a whole bunch of one ring and hang up calls went out along the eastern seaboard last night.  Oops.

3) When you have an iPhone it is no longer your private means of communication.  It sort of becomes communal property.  People see it and want to touch it, play with it, try it out.  I could be annoyed by this but I remember the week I spent in Seattle on my dear friends S & B’s iPhone NON STOP.  So, sorry about that guys.  I totally get it now.

4) Since the iPhone can become communal property, you might want to think seriously about having your e-mail just ‘pop up’.  If your private e-mail account is or if you are getting e-mails about your strip club frequent customer card…you are going to want to think twice before handing your iPhone over to your mother in law or your boss.

5) Having an iPhone is a little like having a small child around.  Is the iPhone safe?  The iPhone can’t get too hot or too cold. Make sure the iPhone is in its little protective sleeve.  Is the iPhone wearing its rubber jacket? Have you moved the iPhone out of the reach of the cat? Don’t leave the iPhone unattended in the bathroom.  Granted, the iPhone does not wake you up screaming in the middle of the night…but it might call your ex when you are trying to erase the number and no matter how many times you explain it, that is painful. 

Thanks again to my iPhone focus group.  You guys rule.


16 Responses to “iLove”

  1. Liebchen Says:

    Ha, I’m totally guilty of playing with other people’s iPhones. If you stick with the kid analogy, I think of it like babysitting. It’s fun to play with, but I can always give it back. I’m just not ready for such a sensitive touch screen.

    It is a very big commitment. (and by very big I mean 2 years of a phone contract)

  2. f.B Says:

    woohoo! i’m in a focus group.

    and Urban Spoon and the Weather Channel are indeed crucial. but i love Shazam, too.

    The best focus group ever. Seriously, you guys answered some pretty dumb questions….

  3. Heidi Says:

    want an iphone so badly 😦 😦 get shazam too – fiancé has an iphone, he loves shazam. And ibowl, and the bubblewrap game. Hehehe 🙂

    Note to self: Get Shazam.

  4. Matt Says:

    I knew you would love it!!!!

    You did! Although really, who wouldn’t love it?

  5. Erin Says:

    Awww, man. I want to be part of the cool kids club, too.

    Get the phone! You will love it.

  6. You are not helping my phone envy here. The only thing that stops me from getting one is that I suspect that I would not be able to put the fucker down to get work done.

    I am sorry to say it is even better than you can imagine. Work is overrated anyway.

  7. apollocreed Says:

    You’re welcome. It is awesome isn’t it? Welcome to our club.

    The FB app is pretty good too, you know, if you’re like me and like cyber stalking on the go.

    Also – PUSH is more of a drainer than FETCH. Just Fetch less often to increase battery life. I keep mine set on 30 mins and 1 hour on weekends.

    Wait, PUSH? What is that? I can see where my afternoon is going….

  8. Anna Says:

    13 months left on my sprint contract. I can see I’m going to have a LOT of questions for you in 13 months!

    Thats good, it may take me 13 months to figure out how to use the phone.

  9. Beth Says:

    hahaha your whole “having an iPhone is like having a small child around” just cracked me up. Congrats on your tech upgrade!

    Since I don’t actually have children I think all sorts of things are equivalent. Parents everywhere hear this and laugh….

  10. Dara Says:

    I just got mine on Saturday. I’m already addicted to Urbanspoon, Shazam, and SnapTell (which is like Shazam for books). Oh, and Twitteriffic. And can I mention how I keep taking random pictures and posting them to Facebook mobile? Clearly I need a hobby.

    I think having an iPhone IS a hobby. Maybe we could start some sort of membership? Or t-shirts? I love t-shirts.

  11. Wow it does sound like having a small child around. I am not sure i am ready! I think they are so cool but i am afraid i would never put it down, there are so many cool things to do on an iPhone!

    You are a single mom of 3…you are ready for anything!

  12. Mike Says:

    Apparently you haven’t figured out the texting feature yet. 😉

    You know, those texts work both ways.

  13. Molly Says:

    Do you still have the same #?


  14. Matt Says:

    Yeah, Chris is right…

    Push will have your battery drained in a couple hours.

    Got it.

  15. apollocreed Says:

    Feel free to email me.

    Ok, but you asked for it. Again.

  16. I loved this…I don’t have one but I do have the iTouch and I feel much the same way about it…..enjoy your new baby!

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