“Let me entertain you”

December 22, 2008

I am probably not the worlds best hostess.  This is partially due to having a mother who was born to entertain (gives me the shakes) and partially due to living in a very cool, but very small apartment (only three people can sit at the table at a time).  But, the new house will have plenty of entertaining space so I am trying to learn all I can about how to properly host a party.  Here are five bits I picked up at a fabulous event this weekend. 

1) Serve some sort of signature drink in a  fancy glass.  Do not tell anyone what is in it.  Make sure there is a lot of alcohol and refill glasses when no one is looking.

2) Do not freak out when some of said signature dink ends up on your Persian rug.  Laugh like this happens all the time and slyly sneak in under the coffee table to use your magic cleaning liquid when no one is looking.

3) Set up the food in lots of small rooms and intimate spaces.  This encourages conversation and allows your guests to talk about each other while being at the same event.  “Is she really wearing those shoes” or “apparently they have been living together for months” is a sign that the conversing is going really, really well.

4) Serve good food.  Make sure that some of the food requires an explanation.  Why is the caviar and creme  fresh next to the pizza?  It is a topping?  Oh, of course.*   A cheese tray with no less than 8 varieties of cheese is a good place to start. 

5) Wait until everyone is half (or fully) in the bag and start telling stories about your neighbors.  Throw in one about the guy across the street getting caught ‘pleasuring’ the next door neighbors husband.  Make sure to mix up the pro-nouns a few times to keep people guessing.  This will keep them talking about your party for years to come! 

*side note, potato pizza with creme fresh and cavier is actually quite delicious.  Ihave asked for the recipe and am happy to share it with anyone who is interested.


13 Responses to ““Let me entertain you””

  1. Matt Says:

    So what kind of signature drink are you thinking of?

    because I gotta tell ya…

    Im a beer guy myself.

    Beer + Cheese = perfect party.

    The signature drink they had was some sort of pomegranate martini (I was assured it was not cranberry after I noticed the red and turned a pale shade of green) but the beauty of a signature drink is it can be anything! For you, I suggest a signature beer; just don’t put sugar on the rim.

  2. Liebchen Says:

    Haha – excellent tips. I’m taking notes. I especially like #3. Parties are great for people-watching – or judging, depending on many drinks in you are.

    I would be lying if I said I did more people watching than judging. What can I say; no one is friends with me because I am nice.

  3. As someone who has planned and hosted countless parties professionally and more than a few personally, I could not agree with number one more. Too many people try to have a full bar for parties, unless that bar comes with a bartender, that is a waste of time and cash. In that vain of thought, I would add: It’s your party and your guests will drink the booze you provide and do so graciously. If they don’t, get new guests.

    Why don’t you get advice like this from Martha Stewart? Have you considered writing a book? I would pay good money for something titled “Throwing a party: Advice from someone who has actually thrown a party”

  4. f.B Says:

    honestly, i started to unwittingly write “i’ve done number 2 so many times.” i thought about it a while. laughed at myself because i’m apparently still just a child. and then decided to share.

    but really, the “play like it’s irrelevant” approach works every time a spill happens

    Still laughing from the #2 comment…..

  5. Erin Says:

    Or better yet, spill something on your own rug first to break the ice.

    I really must grow up.

    I disagree, you are perfect just the way you are.

  6. Matt Says:

    I never mix sugar and beer.


    And it is my second favorite thing about you.

  7. Those are really good tips, I think you’re a great entertainer!

    Trust me, I panic like a 4th grader at a spelling bee.

  8. I so need you to be my party hostess. I am really only capable of providing cocktails to my guests… I usually try to delegate the food, entertainment and clean-up to someone else.

    ohh, delegating clean up…brilliant.

  9. Molly Says:

    After Christmas get together? We MISS you guys. And we can’t wait to come to the new house soon!

  10. lacochran Says:

    How about creme fraiche *in* the signature drink?

    Two birds, one stone. On a frilly ended toothpick.

    I like creme fraiche in almost anything, so it sounds good to me. But, with out the frilly toothpick…those things are just waiting to put someone’s eye out.

  11. Matt Says:

    Remember, Jameson on the rocks (served in a fancy glass) is always mysterious and gets you to step 5 much faster.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  12. Sounds like you are on the right track!! When are you in the new house? or are you? Hope all is well! Happy holidays!!

  13. Beth Says:

    hhaha I LOVE these tips… i want to go to a party like this!!

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