Food Friday: Chocolate Pancakes

November 14, 2008

This time of year D and I get into a ‘big breakfast on Sunday’ routine. It is nice to sit down together and eat something fun or fattening or both. Recently a friend of mine gave me wheat (which I am allergic too) free baking mix so I will most definitely be making these soon. You can serve them for breakfast if you wish or for dessert with some whipped cream an berries. Actually, I am not sure there is ever a time you would not want to serve chocolate pancakes.


2 cups baking mix

1 cup non fat milk

2 eggs

4 tablespoons coco mix*

1/2 cup mini chocolate pieces

mix baking mix, milk, eggs and coco in a large bowl. Fold in chocolate pieces. For each pancake, pour 1/4 cup batter onto hot nonstick skillet; cook until bubbles form on top; flip pancakes; cook through. Serve with syrup, jam or fresh whipped cream.

*you can combine 2 tablespoons of unsweetened coco and 2 tablespoons of sugar if you don’t have coco mix


6 Responses to “Food Friday: Chocolate Pancakes”

  1. f.B Says:

    as a weird human being, i must admit i’m not a big fan of chocolate. but everyone else i’ve ever met will be so grateful that my kitchen can now produce those pancakes.

  2. Fritz Says:

    I am soo making those for the boys this weekend! nick devours all pancakes and all things chocolate!

  3. yummy! I love pancakes!

  4. Lexi Says:

    um, yum. want to come over for breakfast next weekend? 🙂

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