Two things. Second thing, beer.

September 24, 2008

So what could possibly be the first thing?  Recently I have had e-mail requests to do a posting of my top five something.   To keep track of these requests, and to keep me honest, I have added a new page to my blog called “Ok, so what is your top five…?”.  If you would like me to post my top five anything, click on that page and leave your request as a comment and I will do a posting as soon as I can.  This is great opportunity for all of you who have been reading my blog (thank you for that by the way) and have not commented to let me know who you are and what you want to know about me.  Which brings me to the second thing. 


Mr. 5280 recently suggested I do a posting on my five favorite beers.  I immediately responded, “no way, too hard”.  But in the spirit of wanting to honer the top five requests I am going to give it my best shot.  In alphabetical order. 

Carlsberg – German style Pilsner

Why I like it –  It is a great all year beer.  It feels cozy when it is cool out and refreshing when it is warm out.  It is light with out being bland and has a good full flavor.

Why I really like it– In 2001 I lived in London for a time.  The Brits take their pubs really seriously and always have great stuff on tap.  Carlsburg quickly became my go-to beverage of choice  and whenever I drink it I think of living overseas and the easy comfort and laughter that fills local pubs. 

Hoegaarden – A White Beer

Why I like it –  A classic Begin white, reliably good (and amazingly still made in Belgium). 

Why I really like it –  It comes in a cool glass, and the only thing better than good beer is good beer in a cool glass.  Also, D may not remember this but he ordered a Hoegaarden the night we met and I remember thinking he seemed so mature, so worldly, so…old.

Red Stripe– A Lager

Why I like it – A great import beer.  A nice bite.

Why I really like it –  The year I graduated college my parents took my brother and I on a Caribbean cruise.  It was the last time the four of us really traveled as the four of us and when I think of the trip I think of sitting with my brother, laughing at his jokes and poking fun at my father with a bottle of red stripe in hand.  I don’t care where it is bottled*, it makes me think of vacations and sunshine and laughter and my family and I love that.

Sam Adams Octoberfest – Marzen / Oktoberfest 

Why I like it – A great fall beer with nice earthy flavors.  A little heavier for the cooler months and different every year. 

Why I really like it –  My senior year in college my friend C and I went down to Newport for Octoberfest.  We walked around the tents and the stalls wearing woven wool sweaters and holding pints of Octoberfest in our hands.  The sun was shining and the air was cool and looking back; it is one of my fondest college memories.  Every time I order Octoberfest I think of that day and of our friendship and I am happy.  (C might have a different memory of that day as she paid a slightly higher price for us blowing off what we should have been doing to go drink.  But that is her story to tell, not mine)

Summer Shandy – American Pale Wheat Ale

Why I like it – It is an interesting brew and has that nice lemon taste with out any of the sweetness that usually accompanies ‘flavored beer’.  It is a fun local brew and it is a pain to get, so I really enjoy it when I can.

Why I really like it –  The first time I had Summer Shandy it was on a bar patio in downtown Madison, Wisconsin (one of my favorite ‘middle’ cities).  The beer was cold and delicious as were the cheese curds and we ate and drank and laughed and drank in the sunshine for hours**.  I love the beer because of the way it tastes but also because it reminds me of how good it feels to be with friends anywhere, anytime. 

* The ‘Lite’ Red Stripe is apparently brewed in Jamaica but bottled in Stamford, CT.  

**perhaps we drank for too many hours as it was one of those days where you wake up with unexplained bruises and sore muscles you did not even know you had.  But, maybe that was from the Long Island Ice Teas we drank from mason jars…yes, mason jars.  One of the many reasons Madison is great.

What are your favorite beers?  Why do you really like them?


5 Responses to “Two things. Second thing, beer.”

  1. Matt Says:


    How am I supposed to concentrate for the rest of the day?!?!?

  2. Erin Says:

    Newcastle, Bass, Rolling Rock, Amstel Light and gotta agree with Red Stripe. Love the cool little bottles.

    Top 5 red wines next please, Sara. I’ll start it for you… 1. Ravenswood Red Zin 🙂

  3. we should try all of these when we get together. just one more month!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! (oh, i don’t drink beer, but since you’re coming to town i might just have to.)

  4. Mike Says:

    I’ll give my favorite beers when I hear the C story. You can’t tease us like that.

  5. PhilosophyMan Says:

    Hello. I’m new here but I realy want to ask you…
    We’ve all gone through this phase in life, sometimes more often than others. But haven’t you ever asked yourself, “Why am I on this earth”? What am I here for? Exactly just what is your purpose in life?
    P.S. Sorry If wrong section!

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