Questions for My Fellow Bloggers

September 17, 2008

Even though it has been a few months, I am still feeling quite new to this whole blogger thing.  Lately, some blog etiquette (blogiquette?) questions have been coming up in my mind and I am hoping some of my fellow bloggers might be willing to give me some advice, or point me to a good source of information.  ‘Blogging for Dummies’ perhaps?

1) Blogrolls:  Is there a protocol when you add someone to your blogroll?  Do you send them a nice note telling them that you have enjoyed reading their blog for sometime and you feel ready to take it to the next level (cue scene from Wedding Crashers when Vince Vaughn tells Isla Fisher he is ready to take it to the next level and she thinks he means a threesome but really he is trying to propose.  I love that scene.  I love Vince Vaughn)  What about if you added someone to your blogroll too hastily and suddenly decide you don’t really want to read their blog anymore?  Can you remove them?  Do you need to go through some sort of break up?  Do you let them know its not them, really…its you? 

2) Comments:  I love comments. I think everyone loves comments.  My question is, do you respond to your comments?  Do you respond one by one or do you post a whole list of responses al la’ Mr. 5280?  (Personally, I love when my comments are responded to because it makes me feel like the blogger is actually reading them, but maybe responses annoy other people.  I don’t know.)

3)Posting:  Is it better to post something lame and crappy or not post at all?  For example, does it look pathetic and desperate is you just post a whole list of questions?  (oh wait…hmmm?)

4) Blog Crushes:  Ok, someone needs to explain the whole blogger crush thing to me.  What does it mean? How does it happen?  Does having a crush on someone you have never met or even seen imply that people are not quite as looks focused as we think they are and it is possible to be interested in someone because of their wit and charm.  I don’t have a blog crush.  I’m just curious. 

5) Family:  When do you tell your family that you have been blogging about them?  Or, do you tell them at all?  How does that conversation go?  I can already hear me trying to tell my mother.

me: Hi mom, so I have been doing this thing called blogging.  Pretty much you just post your thoughts and frustrations on line for the whole world to see.

mom: Oh, that’s nice dear.  What do you write about.

me: Um, all sorts of things.  I vent about work or strangers or eh, my family.

mom: So you talk about our family on the Internet?  Do these people know us?  What will the neighbors think?

me: Don’t worry mom, it is just a few thousand people who have no idea who you are but know that planning your retirement party almost put me in the loony bin. 

mom: That’s fine, I always loved your brother more.  Maybe I should but that on the internet?


14 Responses to “Questions for My Fellow Bloggers”

  1. 1) Blogrolls: I have tons of blogs that I read but not all of those are in my blogroll. I personally don’t like looooong blog rolls, which is why I named my Creme de la Creme because it means the best of the best. I’m not really concerned about who adds me, but if they do I always thank them.

    2) Comments: I respond to comments either via email or sometimes (i did it once) as another comment.

    3)Posting: this post, i love. i love all of your posts, you have a snappy sense of humor so anything you say i wanna hear it!

    4) Blog Crushes: i don’t really know what these are.

    5) Family: my mom knows i blog and maybe she checks it out but i don’t really post much about her, because of that. I talk about my husband because he doesn’t even know the name of my blog.. hehe

  2. Molly Says:

    That’s a lot of questions…sounds perfect to discuss over lunch! Weeee can’t wait!

  3. Matt Says:

    “I don’t have a blog crush. I’m just curious.”

    but I thought I was your blog crush 😦

    blogroll- mine is totally out of date. If I like a blog, I add it to my reader. I dont tell them. Theres alot of blogs I read but never comment on.

    I like to respond to comments- I just like let people know I actually read them and also alot of times people ask questions in their comments.

    Post often…

    I have blog crushes…alot of them actually- I’m not so sure that it cant be helped.

    I dont blog about people if they dont want to be blogged about. My fam is pretty non-caring about it though.

  4. fritz Says:

    Those are all the same questions i have! are you reading my mind? oh and i still dont have answers either…

  5. Dara Says:

    1. If I read something I like, I tend to put it in my blogroll and check it on occasion. If I like it a lot, I put it in my blog reader (bloglines or google reader) and read it every day.
    2. I love comments too, and I like to respond. It’s like a conversation. I generally do a bunch at once because I don’t check back often enough.
    3. I used to try to write every day, but now I only do it when the mood strikes. Quality over quantity.
    4. I don’t know about blog crushes. Never had one.
    5. I told my family about the blog and told them they could read if they wanted. My brother stops by on occasion, but on the whole, they pretty much ignore the whole thing. I did, however, send my mother a link to the time I took pictures of all of my shoes. She got a kick out of that one.

  6. Tasha Says:

    1.I put you on my blog roll and I can’t even remember if I told you or not. I don’t think I did. I just add blogs to it if I read them a lot, it makes it easier for me to return to them.

    2. I only re-comment if I have a response to a comment. My blog doesn’t give me someone’s email address when they blog. But I agree with you, I DOOOO love comments.

    3. Its your blog, so post whatever you want – even if it (might be) lame. You have a really cool premise/theme to your blog. I don’t even have that. I just blog whatevah.

    4. Blog crushes? I only had one, but then I found out he was gay, so I realized you can’t really judge a person by their blog persona enough to have a crush on them.

    5. I blog about some things about my family and friends, but one touchy subject I go to a private support group to talk about. (They are all Mormons and I’m not anymore. I think it might offend them if I spouted off about their religious beliefs, so even though I have a LOT to say about the subject, I save it for a private forum.) I try not to insult anyone on my blog. Sometimes my hubby gets a rant, though.

  7. Anna Says:

    1) Mine is kind of outdated, but H & W is due for an upgrade, so I will fix it then. I never really know whose blogroll I’m on, and I have indeed taken blogs off mine if I just don’t read it any more. But I read other blogs than the ones on the ‘roll, I haven’t updated it in a loooong time.

    2) I rarely respond to comments, but only because of time–I do love it when I can make time. I love to comment and love to get them. So many of my blog buddies are on Twitter, though, so we kind of respond to each other’s comments that way–I actually have fewer blog comments these days, but more fun on Twitter. Why are you not on Twitter? Give me five reasons. Because you would make me laugh daily.

    3) Post whenever, but I hope it is often!

    4) Blog crushes, I have several ( for me, meaning bloggers I kind of worship and want to meet but would be tongue-tied if I did.) They change all the time. I do tweet with several of them on Twitter!

    5) I write about the things I would tell people anyway–coworkers, family, etc. Most members of my extended family do read H&W, which is nice–I wish they had blogs so I was up to date on them!

    This is a topic for a blog lunch! Maybe sometime we can ALL get together for one. 🙂

  8. Lexi Says:

    1. I just add my favorite blogs to my list…I don’t necessarily tell the person…maybe I should?

    2. I don’t always respond to comment questions, mostly bc I don’t know how! I mean, sure I could just comment on that post and direct my reply to each person, I’ve seen some do that, but I don’t really know if people go back and look for the reply. Sometimes I will email back, if it allows.

    3. I just post if I have something to say. It’s not always interesting, but oh well! Haha!

    4. Not sure about the blog crush thing.

    5. My parents don’t know about my blog (I’ve only had it since May-ish), not sure if any other family members do. I may have told my sister, but can’t remember. My bf knows about it, he read it a few times when I first began it, but don’t think he does often.

  9. mebeingrandom Says:

    1. I just added my favs. I didn’t tell them, and actually some of them are going to come off. My moto is, if your in my google reader and I read you daily, then I will help you get traffic. If I stop reading you, then when I update my page, and your not still in my reader, then I will probably take them off.

    2. I have my settings to where when I get a comment, it sends me an email, I just hit reply and thank them for the comment. Just so they know I got it.

    3. I post only when I have something to say. I dont have the time or the patience to make sure Im posting everyday, so sometimes I post 2 or 3 in a day, others nothing at all.

    4. Not sure about the blog crush. I have some that I envy their writing capabilities though.

    5. Im anonymous. No one that I know in person even knows I have a blog. I plan on keeping it that way. They know I read blogs, but not that I write them. I find it gives me more freedom to say what I want. I do try to shelter names, but only for that “Just in case Im discovered” reason.

    BTW…I love your blog. Your doing a great job!

  10. CuriousC Says:

    I’m guilty of having a huge blog roll and I do it so I can find them again – I actually don’t check the ‘roll all that often. The blogs I visit all the time are in my googlereader and/or they comment on my posts. Somewhere, I read a no-obligation creed: etiquette is nice and respect is a must but don’t get too seriously with it all. This is supposed to be fun, right?

    I think your blog is awesome. Love the theme, love your sense of humor and you have great balance of fun, food, and deep thoughts.

  11. Sara Says:

    Thank you to all of you for this great advice!

  12. Mike Says:

    I just love that you’re asking these questions. And I love that you’re doing this. And I love that I’m reading it. And I love that you called me Friday afternoon. Made. My. Week.

  13. brandy Says:

    It’s late but I was always curious about the same things when I started blogging so I’m glad someone wrote out what I wish I would have!
    1. blogrolls- I don’t tell people if I link to them. Usually if they are using something like technorati it will alert them that they are being linked. It also makes it easier if you decide to take someone off the blogroll.
    2. I respond to my comments- usually in one long ramble like Mr.5280. I admit, there’s been a few times when the comments got really high and I never responded to them all. I feel like a jerk when that happens.
    3. I post only when I want to. I’ve had people email telling me it would be easier for them if I had a schedule (seriously, people emailed that) but I don’t want to write something just to have something new up. Blogging would start to feel like work then I think. And if there’s one thing I’m against- it’s things that feel like work.
    4. Blog crush… I think it’s just someone you admire. I have a few who I admire for their writing styles or the way they’ve created their blog (I feel so nerdy admitting that!).
    5. I haven’t told my family. I would love to, but I know it would make me really self conscious and limit my writing topics. (No mother should have to read about her daughter knowing what tea bagging is). With that said, a few friends know. It’s nice to be able to talk to someone about having a blog sometimes.

  14. Beth Says:

    Delurking to say I absolutely adore your blog.

    I wanted to delurk on this very post because it was just too perfect and you asked all the questions I ask myself as a new blogger. And even though most people say they don’t tell the person when they add them to their blogroll, I am going to notify you. Consider yourself notified!

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