Taking a walk on memory campus

September 4, 2008

One of my favorite cousins moved into her freshman dorm this past weekend.  This is exciting enough on it’s own, but after a great visit (and no pressure from me) she choose to go to school where both I and my brother went to college, about 20 minutes from where I am presently living.  Here are the five things I am loving about her being so close by.

1) I get to be that person we all loved in college.  The family friend who lives nearby, who always has a full refrigerator, an empty washing machine, $20 and a bag of left-over’s to hand you on your way out the door.  I get to finally offer some Karmic payback for all the people who fed me, drove me and cared for me in my home away from home.

2) I get to offer advice so that she does not make, or at least makes less of, the same mistakes I did.  The college basics; never sign up for a class before 10 am or on a Friday afternoon, don’t leave your girlfriends at frat houses no matter how emphatically they tell you they want to stay and regardless of what they tell you is in it…never, EVER drink the punch. 

3) I get to actually make a difference in her experience.  Aside from the occasional $20 and the advice about the punch, I can be there for her if she is stuck at a bar or a house and things get out of hand.  If her car breaks down, she gets stranded in Boston or just feels a little homesick, I can help and that is an amazing feeling.

4) I get to report back to Mom and Dad.  Not the details, and nothing she ever asked me to keep in confidence, but an occasional phone call to them saying “yes she is alive, yes I think she is going to class, no she does not appear pregnant”, might mean they bug her a little less and feel reassured a little more.

5) I get to re-live my college years a bit.  It has been a while since I was a student there and even longer since I was an undergrad.  There are new dorms, new dining halls, new academic buildings and roads that never even existed.  And yet, walking across the quad, with the sun shining and old stone buildings surrounding me I still get that butterfly feeling in my stomach of being a freshman and having my whole life and a fabulous four years in front of me. 

What are your best college memories?  What advice would you give a freshman?


9 Responses to “Taking a walk on memory campus”

  1. legallyheidi Says:

    too many great college memories, usually involve brunch at the prudential center, karaoke on a tuesday/wednesday night with my girl friends, late nights in the computer lab in april 2006 getting close to graduation and trying to finish everything up while giggling over everything and trying to keep one another awake,

    my advice? (fiancé’s sister is a college freshman so i’ve been giving her advice too 😉 ) stick with your gut when you’re in an uncomfortable situation, save quarters – not just for laundry but bus/t fare also, don’t do classes before 9am. Avoid friday classes if you can. Make friends with your roommates especially if they have classes with you, and seriously if you get some sort of added bonus for going to classes? Go.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    -Make friends with the DP Dough delivery guy 🙂
    -If you do get stuck with an early class, make sure Mundorf is teaching it because you don’t have to attend and you’ll still get an A.
    -When choosing which side of Hope Dining Hall to go into, remember the Freshman 15… stay away from the fried stuff and go for the salad.
    -Ditto on don’t drink the punch. Ever.
    -HAVE FUN!

  3. Fritz Says:

    make friends with campus security, you never know when that can come in handy!

  4. Christine Says:


  5. I don’t have any college memories because I was too busy getting married and having a baby (haha, not in that order, actually the baby came first and then we got married) but I’m jealous. Those are truly once in a lifetime experiences that I wish I would have lived… all the drunkenness… waking up next to someone I don’t remember or know…hahaha seriously, I wish I would have lived through that.

  6. Carly Says:

    S! I love your writing. I would tell a college frosh that if you are doing poorly in a class, DROP IT! So what if it messes up your schedule. That one D can screw you…not that I know or anything.

  7. D Says:

    Beware of the bottom bunk. Yes, that is the easy/ preferred choice, but lets just say I “know” of one instance in which the top bunker drank some of that “punch” only later to lose that same punch (and dinner) over the edge of the top bunk bed. With each foot of drop, the coverage area increases two fold. In addition to the “waste basket”, the bottom bed doubles as the communal couch, dining area, group study area, and wrestling mat. Maybe talking our third roommate into relocating his bed into his own closet isn’t that bad now.

  8. Molly Says:

    Can I add “never, EVER drink the punch…especially if it’s in a plastic container on the bathroom floor of a frat house”?


  9. Mike Says:

    So many memories…hold onto all of them, because they go by too damn fast.

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