Seattle: Better late then never….

September 2, 2008

Since La Petite Belle has been so patient; here is my list of five things to do in Seattle/ the Pacific Northwest (besides go to the Space needle and Pikes place).

1) Go on a whale watch: I know this sounds like a cliche but it was amazing. The captains of all the whale watching boats communicate with each other via cell phone let everyone know where the pod is. This means that almost every group gets to see actual whales and they are spectacular. There are also some really wonderful rules about how boats behave when they come near the pod. They must go to idle at a certain distance and must shut of all engines and go completely silent when they come within a hundred yeards. This allows everyone to hear the sound of their breath and the crack of the water breaking as they surface and the whales come much closer to the boat. You might even get a picture like this:

To be fair, I did not take that picture. But it is off of the NOAA website from the exact location our boat was, and it is nearly identical to what I saw.

2) Take a trip to the San Juan Islands: The San Juan Islands are clustered in the San Juan Archipelago which includes the gulf islands of British Columbia. They are accessible by the Washington State Ferry Service or can be part of a whale watching tour. You can go hiking or kayaking if you are feeling athletic or wander around the shops and restaurants if you are feeling hungry. There are wonderful little museums and walking tours and it is a beautiful way to see the pacific.

I did not take that picture either.. an airial tour was just not in the budget.

3) Check out the Seattle Art Museum: The SAM includes the main collection at the art museum as well as the Olympic Sculpture Park and the Seattle Asian Art Museum. As aforementioned I did not get to see too much of the sculpture park due to Hempfest, but the collection is beautiful and the lobby has a very cool installation in it.

Yup, those are actual Cars hanging from the ceiling with glowing rods of light protruding from the steel frame. Who says modern art is dull?

4) Visit the Seattle Public Library: I have already admitted I am a sucker for municipal buildings but the Seattle Public Library is not your usual granite and marble kind of space. It was designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and even if it is not your style, it is worth looking at. There are lots of great reading spaces that are prefect for figuring out your days plans or looking at a map and the top floor offers a wonderful view of the city.

5) Eat crab: Eat lots and lots of yummy crab. Eat it steamed and on it’s own or drenched in butter. Eat it in crab cakes or crab sandwiches or crab rolls. Eat it for breakfast with your eggs, for lunch on your salad and as an appetizer for dinner. I have heard that too much dungeness crab can actually make you go loopy, but it sure is delicious.



5 Responses to “Seattle: Better late then never….”

  1. fritz Says:

    Those are all the things that we did! loved friday harbor, got a coffee mug from our whale watch out of port townsend and died for the crab oh and almost got beaned by a fish in pikes place!!! ohh i want to go back!

  2. Looks like you had a great time!! I want to go on a whale watch! I hear they have them in Mass. hope all is well!

  3. omg it sounds like the most fabulous trip. im sorry i have been so awful at commenting and writing to you, school started and im going craaaaazy.

  4. christine Says:

    I wish we could edit #3 – Visit the SAM with your friend Christine who LIVES IN SEATTLE!!!

    (Seriously, how did I not know that you were out here?) I’m very, very sad.

  5. Lexi Says:

    I like the looks of that library!

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