Way better than a co-pay

August 11, 2008

I mean no offense to head-shrinkers everywhere, but here are 5 reasons I think friends are WAY better than therapists.

1) Therapists do not call you on your way to your appointment to find out what you are drinking so it can be waiting for you when you arrive.

2) Therapists to not place a hand on your shoulder or on the small of your back when you confess how crazy and out of control you have felt (and behaved) and therapists certainly do not hug you when you finish.

3) Therapists do not hear your story and tell you that contrary to what you may believe and others may tell you… there is not a thing wrong with you.

4) Therapists do not confirm this by telling you that it is everyone else in your life that is crazy and/or wrong and has forced you to behave so badly.

5) Therapists do not bring up stories of their old boyfriends or disasters with blue eyeshadow that went way above their natural brow line because they know it will make you laugh until you cry.  Because… therapists do not know that the one thing you need more than anything, is a good laugh, a good cry and a good friend, or three. 

Thank you to C,G & M for Friday night… it was EXACTLY what I needed.


5 Responses to “Way better than a co-pay”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Aw…that’s nice. And so true. Had a little moment of panic when you mentioned the blue eyeshadow…then i remembered it’s the blue eyeLINER we fear. *hug* to you from me…if you need it (or even if you don’t!)

  2. awww see I wish we lived closer so I could be that for you. Ok when you’re in Pittsburgh we’re going to have to have awesome talks like this. You need to tell hubby that you are desperate to see his family so you guys can come 😉

  3. Matt Says:

    Friends dont charge you $200 an hour…

  4. Mike Says:

    But what if therapists did do that? Ah, still, friends are better.

  5. JC Says:


    We dont know eachother, but you hit my hot button with the therapist thing.

    1. Therapists can be psychos themselves….trolling around on S&M sites.

    2. I know 2 therapists who:
    – One is BiPolar and a freak who has 2 young kids and has a life that is a complete mess and only recently stopped practicing
    – The other married, and shagging other men and then wanting to dispense relationship advice
    *** SHEESH ***

    So – sorry for dropping this on you. Friends are good – the professionals can be called in for practical coping mechanism changes….probably other stuff too, but I’m not too familiar with this stuff.



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