A well stocked cupboard

August 4, 2008

This weekend I had the pleasure of having D and my two nephews out to visit along with their wonderful parents.  I have come to the conclusion that your odds of two happy boys (under age 9) dramaticallyincrease with the amount of brightly colored boxes and bags you have added to your pantry.  Here are the 5 items I believe every well stocked cupboard should have when nephews (or nieces) are in town.

1- Juice boxes or bags, preferably in a flavor and color that does not exist in nature and with a name that does not even pretend to resemble food.  Sea Breeze cooler and Electric Aide seem to be favorites. 

2- Sugar cereal, ideally three or four variates with out a nutritionally redeeming quality among them.  Prizes are good, but chocolate and/or marshmallows are better.

3- Chips or ‘doodles in the shade of orange that construction workers wear to warn on coming traffic.  With lots of imitation cheese powder that gets on fingers, clothes and furniture. 

4- Cookies, not plain.  Must have some sort of nut, brownie bit or brightly colored candy.  Not too big and not too small, perfect for sticky little cheese powder covered hands.

5- Alcohol.  Lots. For mom and dad and auntie and uncle after kids have eaten themselves into a coma.


5 Responses to “A well stocked cupboard”

  1. Molly Says:

    Remember Eckto Cooler? I was never allowed to have that…

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Who are you kidding? You know the Jax are for you.

  3. hahahahaha I love it when juice boxes say “juice DRINK, contains 0% juice. LOL

  4. Mike Says:

    Good stuff, as always. I never understood the whole capri sun thing. i mean, did they sit around and go, screw you, juice box, we’re bagging it? i don’t get that.

  5. Hahahaha
    This chapter is so going into my survival book.

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