Behaving Badly

July 29, 2008

Even including the labor, $721.00 does not bring out the very best in me. Here are the 5 things I may have done upon hearing from my mechanic on Sunday, I am not particularly proud of any of them.

1) Throw my cell phone at D and holler “You deal with this” while I run into the extensive bra section at Target.

2) Hide out in said bra section until I compose myself enough to try to carry on a reasonable conversation, or at least am willing to try to carry on a reasonable conversation.

3) Ruin a perfectly good day of chain store shopping, eating and going to see the new Batman movie by insisting we go home NOW.

4) Call my father on the way home and cry. Ask “WHY are car repairs so expensive” and refuse to listen to his answer. Cry more. Yell a little. Not at him.

5) Get home. Eat carbs until I feel sick. Take a nap to deal with carb hangover. Wake up and ask D if my car is really, REALLY going to cost me $721.00.


8 Responses to “Behaving Badly”

  1. awww, i so know what you’re going through. it’s going to be ok, though, and you have the right to bitch about it because it’s so unexpected and frustrating when these things happen! hugs!

  2. Jennie Says:

    I agree with La Petite Belle – You totally get to vent about this. The Batman movie will be out for a long time, so no worries. Hope you at least found a good bra?

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh, Honey! (first, it’s kind of funny because I can hear you saying those thing)
    That sucks. Sorry…Poor D having a phone flung at him, but more to the point, poor you to have been driven to those extremes. Unacceptable! 🙂

  4. D Says:

    It was more of a toss than a throw.
    In sara’s defense:
    1) She was very nice/ calm to the mechanic
    2) She bought nothing at Target (although she was there the day before and rumor has it she did open her wallet then)
    Can i stop at 2, or is 5 a requirement?

  5. Mike Says:

    Wait a minute, D is actually reading and posting on here now? So I can’t make any bra comments? Damn. This changes everything! 🙂

  6. Molly Says:

    I think the whole ordeal warrants a meltdown in Target. I’ve been known to do the same. Sorry, D.

  7. Christine Says:

    did d buy the white jorts in this entire fiasco?

  8. […] I do the cleaning and D deals with the cars.  As you may remember, mechanics make me cry and car talk*** gives me a migraine.  A clean bathroom on the other hand is virtually free and […]

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