Our house, is a very, very, very fine house….

July 22, 2008

D and I are house hunting. Actually, we have been in the market for a new house for over a year now. But, with my new job and a better understanding of where we want to be, and what we can afford… the hunt is in full swing. D is totally game. I am not. So, here are the five reasons, I don’t think I want to move.*

1) Location – As I have mentioned numerous times before, we live in a coastal tourist town. Granted, the freaks REALLY DO come out at night, but it is also a wonderful place to live. I can walk to delicious restaurants, fun bars and adorable coffee shops. It is home to wonderful shopping, beautiful beaches and reliably spectacular sunsets. At times, its irritating, but its hard to leave a place everyone else is paying to come two.

2) The neighbors – I mean this both figuratively and literally. A year ago a fabulous couple moved in across the street. They are fun, kind, easy going and they watch the cat any time we are out of town. We also live a few streets over from one of my college friends and a short drive away from another. We are surrounded by great people and the thought of having to travel to see the people I like to spend time with, stinks.

3) The Ick Factor- The thought of moving into someone else’s house with their dirt all tucked in the floor boards and in the bathroom grout grosses me out. I don’t know if it the houses we have been looking at or if I am just overly sensitive to it, but people are gross. The idea of living in a house that someone else just moved out of sceeves me, and the thought of moving into one that no one has lived in for months is even worse. no people = critter’s

4) The Amenities- I will admit this now: I am spoiled rotten when it comes to our house. We are living in a place custom designed and executed by D and it is truly beautiful. I have radiant heat, a book shelf designed just for me, a spa-like slate shower and hand made ceramic bowl sinks. It is sad to think about leaving the little things I love and my feet get cold just thinking about traditional heat.

5) The MOVE – There was a two year stretch around 2001 where I did not live in the same place for more than 6 months, and I lived in most for even less than that. I thought moving around then was a pain in the rear and that was before I acquired the book collection necessary to actually finish my graduate degree. Since that time, I have added a lot more furniture, a vintage textile collection (including, but not limited to, table linens, aprons, and gowns) and all of the stuff you think you just HAVE to have when you register, only to discover later that you were obviously high on store fumes because 82% of it stays in the box. I know that this is pathetic but I just don’t think I have the energy to pack all that crap back up again. And I really don’t want to unpack it in a critter house.

*Yes, I am fully aware that a lot of my reason’s make me sound childish, petty and spoiled and I should be grateful that we are lucky enough to have a roof over our head. But, this is my blog and I will be childish, petty and spoiled if I want to. Please try not to judge.


7 Responses to “Our house, is a very, very, very fine house….”

  1. fritz Says:

    Moving is a bitch! and i dont think any of those reasons shound childish, spoiled and least of all petty! i have had to block out all sceevey feelings about other peoples yuck becuase we do the worst thing of all…rent!

  2. Mike Says:

    How come I’ve never seen the shower? 😉

  3. Molly Says:

    Just think though, when you buy a new house you can make it yours little by little. That slate shower can be recreated!

    And I have no doubt you will scrub the place to perfection before moving one item in the door 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    All those are fully valid. Especially the moving part. Oh, I dread the day when we move…mainly because of all of W’s crap. But that’s another story…

    You can only move if you don’t move further away from me. Ok? D will have to deal.

  5. if you are spoiled, my dear, then I am a complete and utter DIVA. I think all those are completely valid. I hope you find the house of your dreams 🙂

  6. Anna Says:

    So will it be in the same town? Or somewhere new? Just think, it could be even better?!

    but I too, would be sad about the radiant heat!

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