Pet Peeves and Running Peeves

July 11, 2008

Here are my top five pet peeves I encounter during a run.  


1 -Dogs who are not on leashes-  I know there are a lot of dog lovers out there, and I don’t mean to offend anyone but there is nothing worse than running around a corner to find yourself face to face with a  K9 and no owner in sight.  Inevitably, when I gasp and stop dead in my tracks someone will materialize and say, “oh, don’t worry.  He/She is VERY friendly.”  How am I supposed to know your animal you animal is friendly?  What if it suddenly becomes UN friendly?  What if it takes one look at me and realizes that the dry kibble it is getting for breakfast is not nearly as tasty as the fat content of my left thigh? I don’t go running around un-leashed through your dog park; please do not bring your dog un-leashed on my running trail.


2- Bikers who take over the entire road- To whom ever is in charge of the pack of road bikers wearing matching blue and yellow outfits.*  I am just as worthy of a piece of asphalt as you are.  Please do not think that just because there are more of you, I can be run off the road.  After two near death experiences, I jump into the nearest yard when I hear the wiz of the bikers approaching.  Getting hit by a car is one thing; getting run over by a bicycle is just embarrassing.


3- Nudie runners –  I live on the New England coastline and my morning runs occur sometime between 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning. That means, even on the hottest of days it is approximately 72 degrees, max.  I don’t care what distance you are running or how high the humidity is, 72 degrees is just not too hot to put a shirt on.  Buy one of those sweat-wicking shirts or a cool comfortable tank top.  Please do not run around the neighborhood with out any clothes on.  It’s gross. 


4- People who stop me to ask me for directions –  I am not sure what it is about me that gives the indication that I am a good source of information, but please do not try to ask me for directions while I am running.  I am sucking wind like an air tunnel, sweating like a pig and the only thing I can possibly think about is questioning WHY I took up this activity to begin with.  I do NOT want to think about where you can get a really great fried fish sandwich for lunch or if any of the boutiques have summer sales.  I just want to finish my run.   Please leave me alone. 


5- Runners who don’t say hello or good morning – I had thought that this rudeness was limited to perfectly tanned Ukrainian gymnasts but apparently the impolite epidemic is rampant.  We are all out here with the birds the waves and each other.  Please do not blatantly ignore me when I smile and say “good morning”.  If you are too tired to speak you can raise your hand or even nod.  In case you were absent that day of kindergarten, ignoring people is rude.    I hope you run into an unleashed dog around the next bend. 


*as a side note, when was it that every recreational biker decided to dress like Lance Armstrong?  Is this a fashion statement or are the truly concerned about aero-dynamics? I drive a car, that does not mean I need to dress like Jeff Gordon. 


3 Responses to “Pet Peeves and Running Peeves”

  1. hahahaha! We truly are very much alike. We actually hae enough peeves together to write a book about annoying things. We should consider that. hehe. And directions WHILE YOU ARE RUNNING? that is just terrible. I’d just pretend my ipod is too loud and totally ignore them. 😉

  2. elizabethews Says:

    You know I’m a dog person, but I am with you on the leash thing. For your reasons AND for someone with a dog, running into an unleashed one can sometimes create Alpha Dog Drama. No fun.

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