Flip that cup!

July 6, 2008

As part of our celebration to honor our nations independence from British rule, last night some friends and I had a rousing game of flip cup in the back yard. For anyone that has never played flip cup, the rules are fairly simple. Two teams line up facing each other with cups partially full of beer and set on a table. Going down the line in a relay format, you chug your beer and flip your cup so it lands perfectly upright. The next person in line can not start drinking until the previous person has drunk their beer and successfully flipped their cup. Like any team sport or drinking activity, its a lot more fun than it sounds. Anyway, here are five interesting things about our game of flip cup.

1) The girls romped the boys. Actually, the girls KILLED the boys. I am pretty sure we lost only one game.

2) Of the games we won, we only broke the rules once. We were forced to cheat because one of our teammates was going to choke and had to spit out her beer. Nothing ruins a perfectly good game of flip cup like a choking friend and a trip to the hospital.

3) The only thing better than each flip cup victory, was the victory dance performed at the completion of each round. For copy rights sake, I can not reveal too much, but I will tell you it involved a broom, a hooting sound and three complete laps around the yard.

4) The only thing better than the victory dance, was the fact that by good Karama or dumb luck, we managed to NOT get a citation for breaking the noise ordinances.

5) It is never too late to learn flip cup. In our group of 12, the average age hovered around 35 and we had four first timers. With hard work, dedication and enough cheap beer, anyone can become a pro.


4 Responses to “Flip that cup!”

  1. fritz Says:

    I need more friends like THAT!! we were so lame in college, just cards and cheap beer!

  2. that sounds SO fun! I’d love to learn to flip the cup..

  3. that sounds like fun!

  4. Mike Says:

    ever play kings? that’s one of my favorites.

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