Forbidden Love

June 5, 2008

Here are five things I secretly and not-so-secretly love. Four of which I wish I didn’t… I’ll let you decide which four.

Tattoos- On boys. Forearm tattoos, shoulder tattoos and back tattoos, leg tattoos, sexy hidden you have to find me tattoos and head to toe your grandmother would freak if you brought me home tattoos. delicious.

Carbs- There are those days (you KNOW the days) where I could eat gnocchi baked in polenta topped with mashed potatoes smothered in cheese and with a side of rice. spectacular.

Alcohol – Aside from gin, which is evil and should be banned along with performance enhancing drugs, I love it all. In a bottle, in a can, on the rocks, shaken or stirred…alcohol is my friend. lovely.

Sleep- I have never been a “wake up and face the day” person. I am more of a “surely this problem is not too large for me to sleep my way through” type person. Nothing is better than sleeping away a cold rainy Sunday when you know you have better things to do. delightful.

Home Shopping Networks- LOVE THEM. People close to me believe I hold the worlds record for most amount of home shopping TV watched with out ever purchasing anything. I seriously consider calling in sick to work during Gem week and I have been know to ignore calls when my favorite chefs are on. I mean, where else can you find GENUINE diamondique set in platinum clad forged metal on 6 easy payments of $14.92 with free shipping for a limited time if you use flex pay. pure indulgence.


6 Responses to “Forbidden Love”

  1. i’m going to guess the one you wish you didn’t like is number 1??? it sounds like a guilty bad-boy fantasy.. hahahaha and i totally understand. I normally don’t like men & tattoos BUT i love love love David Beckham and he’s covered in them. 🙂

  2. Molly Says:

    How many carbs do you think are in a Chinese buffet?

  3. Mike Says:

    You’ve never seen my tattoo, have you?

  4. Anna Says:

    you say there are only some days you could eat like that? I think I could do it most days. Sigh.

  5. Erin Says:

    and this is why i love you.

  6. […] Gem week on HSN- As aforementioned, I am a sucker for home shopping networks, and gem week is my favorite.  But, for anyone who is […]

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