Thick and Thin

June 3, 2008

Inspired by La Petite Belle, I decide to compose a letter, or at least five thoughts, to my body.

Dear Body, I am sorry about all the tanning I did during the late 90’s. Yes, I knew better. No, I did not care. Yes, I see the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes and yes, I know I deserve it.

Dear Body, I am sorry that the medical profession failed us both for so long, and did not know what was wrong with us. I am so sorry that during that time I put all sorts of poison in you and then wondered why I felt so horrible. Yes, I am relieved it is over too.

Dear Body, I am sorry about the things we have been through that may have lead to the painful breaking of your heart. But I thank you for sticking with me, and showing me that grief alone can not kill you.

Dear Body, Thank you for the days you craved tofu and steamed kale. I will forgive you for the days that you did not, if you will forgive me for the days I craved tequila and lime. Yes, I learned my lesson. No, I will not do it again. ok… yes I will do it again.

Dear Body, Thank you for getting up with me every day. For two legs that move when I ask them to and for hands and arms that let me hug when I need them to. Thank you for putting up with my foolish and at times vain pursuit to push, run and work you into a form I am comfortable with, while ignoring what you may be comfortable with. Thank you for not letting me down, even on the days (and the nights) I may let you down. Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin and thick again. I think we make a pretty good pair.


4 Responses to “Thick and Thin”

  1. awwww.. i love it, you sound sooo much saner than me. haha!!!

  2. I love it!! i hope I could borrow this one day!

  3. elizabethews Says:

    Ooooo…I love that post. May be stealing it later…

  4. Mike Says:

    and you worried about your blogging ability? this is great stuff.

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