Continuing Education

May 28, 2008

Tomorrow I am having dinner with a former boss who is retiring after years of devoted service to the University of Rhode Island and its fortunate student body. Here are the five things I learned from her.

1) To believe in myself, even when it feels like it its bucking common sense

2) To remember that everyone is replaceable in the office, but you are the only you in your family

3) To follow my dreams, even when the path is rocky and dangerous

4) To know the difference between quitting and moving on and to be ok with either decision

5) To always leave my doors open, you never know who will want, or need to come inside


4 Responses to “Continuing Education”

  1. I have to say you are incredibly wise! I hate the reality of number 2, though. I know it’s true, but I never liked feeling replaceable at work. I know nothing can change that- it’s just how it is, and it’s nothing personal, but the feeling that I could leave and everything would continue on as if nothing happened really bothered me for some reason.

  2. Fritz Says:

    those are all lessons to live by!!

  3. Mike Says:

    this is a great person. and a great list.

  4. CuriousC Says:

    AWESOME list! great blog concept, too. I’m enjoying ALL of your posts…

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