Mom Knows Best…

May 16, 2008

Due to last weekends travels, this weekend I will be celebrating mothers day with my mom. Here are five of my favorite things about her, or at least the first 5 that came to mind.

1) She calls me sar-bear and somehow, it does not sound like she is equating me to a 300 lb hairy beast.

2) When I was 15 she called me at work to say there was a family emergency and she was coming to pick me up. When she arrived she informed me that there was no emergency and she was taking me to a Tom Petty concert. That night, the only person cooler than Tom Petty was her.

3) When she slips me $20, she calls it ‘pin money’ and insists I spend it on something frivolous

4) When she bakes, she measures water by the eggshell, the same way her mother did.

5) She has the best advice and always waits to be asked before she gives it.


2 Responses to “Mom Knows Best…”

  1. Anna Says:

    Now THAT is an awesome mom. Aren’t you lucky!

  2. Fritz Says:

    man my mom was NEVER that cool! enjoy your time with your mom!! miss ya!

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