Good things come to those who wait

May 13, 2008

After all that airport time on Friday, I did get to spend some wonderful time with my nieces and nephews.   Here are my 5 favorite things about being an Aunt.

1) Play time – organized games, pick up games and made up games; dress up, performances and pretend

2) Story time –  stories they tell me or I tell them, with or with out books, pictures or logical endings

3) Nap time – their desire to be tucked in or snuggled beside, the quiet request to have ones back rubbed or special blanket given

4) Our time – time away from mom and dad when I get the real story behind how a rock collided with their brothers’ forehead or why they did not want to share their special angel wings

5) This time – the moment where I think they will never be cuter, funnier or more brilliant than they are at this very second and knowing that second won’t  last.


One Response to “Good things come to those who wait”

  1. Molly Says:

    Just think how good of a mommy you’ll be! 🙂

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