To be perfectly honest…

May 9, 2008

The five things that make me most nervous about having a blog

1) technology – the world wide web and I are not friends

2) general incompetence- not being able to figure out how to do things like change my user ID (this took me a solid two hours and a tutorial with Mike)

3) writing something that will embarrass me, my friends or my family

4) realizing that I am 100% correct and the general public really does not care about what I have to say

5) realizing that I am wrong, and someone, somewhere out there, does care what I have to say and I, will sound like a total moron


2 Responses to “To be perfectly honest…”

  1. Mike Says:

    Love it! A perfect start. Fun and honest. That’s what it’s about. I’ll give you a tutorial anytime, baby.

  2. Anna Says:

    I’m so into the tutorials too. And, hey! So glad you are here!

    I can absolutely hear your voice coming through. Love it!

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